Monday, January 26, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Vineyard Update: Dormant Vines and Cover Crops

The vines may be dormant, but the cover crop is green and thriving at the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finding the Best Spots: One Year into the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall by Anne Moses

Finding the Best Spots: One Year into the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall 
Anne Moses

What I love about being in this house is that it feels like home. There are so many great spots to enjoy on this property. It is incredibly relaxing to enjoy lunch on the patio in the summer time, watching the bees pollinate the blooming flowers and the view of the mountains to the east. And when the days get cooler in the winter, I claim the spot closest to the fireplace for Thursday morning staff meetings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An Oldie But a Goodie

Heather Patz recently drank this 2002 Patz & Hall Dutton Ranch Chardonnay with cracked crab, and the wine was holding up phenomenally. If you have a few bottles of Patz & Hall at home, save one or two for long-term storage--you'll be rewarded!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bonus Artist Added to Art Harvest No. 3!

We've added a "bonus" artist to Art Harvest No. 3! In addition to painter Erin Parish, San Francisco furniture designer Jiun Ho is lending his renowned style - minimal aesthetic with global inspirations - to the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall for the next three months.

Help us kick off Art Harvest No. 3 at our Opening Reception tomorrow night (Saturday, January 17. Get more information and RSVP here) or visit us at the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall seven days a week. Explore our experiences and make your reservation here.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"After 25 Years" by Heather Patz

After 25 Years
Heather Patz

I’ll always remember January 22, 2014. After more than a quarter century of being in business, and several years of careful planning, it was the day we finally opened the doors of our new Sonoma House at Patz & Hall.

The last details of getting ready to open had begun two days earlier with donuts, coffee and a caravan of moving trucks to move us from our old location at 851 Napa Valley Corporate Way to our new home at 21200 8th Street East in Sonoma. Upon our arrival, there was a frenzy of movers, and so much excitement, as we entered our shiny, freshly painted new home. There was also a lot to do in order to open our doors to customers in two short days.

While this necessary force of motion was one thing that I clearly remember, what has really stuck in my memory were the many wonderful moments shared with staff, guests and other friends over the next several months. I remember Courtney and I deciding how to arrange our desks in our new office, the team sharing a few bottles of savored sparkling wine as we sat on the bare patio eating pizza, and seeing our dear friends Linda and Dennis Kolowich walking up to our front door at 10:02 am to be our very first guests. I also remember the warmth and friendliness of meeting several Sonoma locals eager to greet their new neighbors.

Linda and Dennis Kolowich- our first customers
at the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall.

In those early days, we had open house after open house, and party after party, as we welcomed our friends, family and customers. It was a lot of work, but also so much fun! Almost 365 days later we are settled in, but our adventures continue with exciting new plans taking shape for 2015.

I personally want to thank all of you for your friendship and loyalty. Your enthusiasm, smiling faces and great conversations have brought so much joy to my life.

I wish you a wonderful New Year!

Heather Patz

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Donald's New Decanting Method

On his recent travels, Donald Patz discovered a new vertical decanting method that decants and aerates the wine at the same time!